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Important note to surgeons and hospitals using neurophysiological intraoperative monitoring:

When using neurophysiological intraoperative monitoring from an outside vendor or local hospital. Be attentive to the facts below:

The monitoring team should be under the direct supervision of a physician with training and experience in NIOM. The monitoring physician should be licensed in the state and privileged to interpret neurophysiologic testing in the hospital in which the surgery is being performed. He/she is responsible for real-time interpretation of NIOM data. The monitoring physician should be present in the operating room or have access to NIOM data in real-time from a remote location and be in communication with the staff in the operating room (Nuwer 2008). There are many methods of remote monitoring, however any method used must conform to local and national protected health information guidelines (Emerson 2008). The specifics of this availability (i.e. types of surgeries) should be decided by the hospital credentialing the committee. In order to devote the needed attention, it is recommended that the monitoring physician interpret no more than three cases concurrently.